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Warm and Colour leather briefcase with double handles £297.00
Bourbon leather large messenger bag in delavé leather £223.60
Warm and Colour medium leather messenger bag £220.19
Tokio men's briefcase for Pc 15.6 "in soft leather £277.37
Tokio men's briefcase for 15.6 " Pc in soft leather £337.11
Millennial Messenger in natural leather £332.84
Millennial briefcase in natural leather £339.67
Tokio expandable Pc 17 "briefcase in soft leather £281.63
Oxford leather briefcase for Pc 13
Oxford leather briefcase for Pc 13" £252.62 £148.50
Bourbon leather medium messenger bag in shaded leather £213.36
Pc Leather Folder
Pc Leather Folder "15" £165.57 £140.82
15" Laptop bag in leather £203.12
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Briefcases and Laptop Bags

Italian leather briefcases are renowned for being chic, stylish, and sophisticated, so it's little wonder that men everywhere want to be seen with one. From their soft leather feel to their vintage look, leather briefcases are made to be admired.

Italian leather briefcases are fashion accessories for today's modern world. Made of the finest materials, Tuscan leather briefcases will look good no matter what the occasion. They are practical, large enough to be used for work or leisure, but they look stunning too, and will catch the eye of anyone who understands fashion and quality.

Tuscan leather briefcases are an investment for the future. Leather briefcases are made to last.

Italian Genuine Leather Briefcases