Portachiavi Lungo in cuoio

10,00 €
Numero Modello PC.01


Portachiavi lungo in cuoio. Accessori colore oro. 100% Made In italy con cuciture eseguite a mano.

Altezza prodotto(cm) 6
Larghezza prodotto(cm) 3
Profondità prodotto(cm) 1
Peso (Kg) 0,100

Vegetable tanning is the most ancient and genuine leather working technique. Made with natural tannins extracted from tree barks, this type of tanning is slow, respectful of ecology and very valuable. Vegetable leather is the most suitable to combine comfort and aesthetics, fashion and tradition, versatility of use and uniqueness of the product. It ages but does not ruin. By nature, each hide is different from another: vegetable tanning enhances its characteristics, therefore each article is unique.

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