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Belt leather working height 3.5 cm.

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Model Number CI0DG6041G000
  • Belt leather working height 3.5 cm.  Cuoieria Fiorentina
  • Belt leather working height 3.5 cm.  Cuoieria Fiorentina
  • Belt leather working height 3.5 cm.  Cuoieria Fiorentina
Dark brown


Jeans belt in soft Tuscan leather, with a contrast squared central design that is perfectly suited to fashionable and casual men's clothing. Produced with vegetable-tanned leather ad hoc for greater softness and comfort. All the work is handcrafted in Italy.

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Color: Brown, Black, Blu, Dark Brown
Closure: Buckle with barb in polished steel
Height: 3.5 Cm
Total length: adjustable
Material: 100% "Primo Fiore" leather from Tuscan leather, vegetable tanned
Packaging: The belt is delivered with an authentic Florentine Cuoieria tag and with the original box, ideal for a gift.
Processing: The product is 100% "Hand Made in Italy" of true Italian artisan quality.
Seams: Perform by hand.

Vegetable Tanning
Vegetable tanning is the most ancient and genuine leather working technique. Made with natural tannins extracted from tree barks, this type of tanning is slow, respectful of ecology and very valuable. Vegetable leather is the most suitable to combine comfort and aesthetics, fashion and tradition, versatility of use and uniqueness of the product. It ages but does not ruin. By nature, each hide is different from another: vegetable tanning enhances its characteristics, therefore each article is unique.

Other information:

The belt size is calculated at the central hole.
The 5 holes guarantee an excellent fit in all conditions
The central adjustment screw allows, if necessary, to shorten the belt easily.
In case of doubt about the size it is always advised to opt for the larger size.

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