Quality is the destination. For over 40 years, Cuoieria Fiorentina has been more than the story of a family: it is the pursuit of details that make a style unique.

From Florence throughout the world, the brand has continued to grow incessantly, yet it has always maintained ties to its territory and the culture of quality.

Interpreting our current time and trends, bringing new solutions to life. Not bound by change, but embodying it day after day.

The Cuoieria Fiorentina accessories are created for women and men who search for uncompromising solutions and want to express themselves through style.
The pursuit of simplicity: expressing one’s character through the choice of each detail, releasing the superfluous and its conventions.


For us, “Made in Italy” isn’t simply a label.
Our endeavour is to translate the knowledge we’ve inherited into contemporary solutions.

Florence is our home, our source of inspiration.
Not only evidence of a noble past, the capital of the Renaissance is the heart of a technological and cultural revolution and also one of the world’s major centres of fashion. It is a place brought to life by the spirit of innovation, a drive to experiment and the hunt for new ways to interpret trends.


Each item is entirely designed and created in our facilities in Tuscany. Everything comes from an idea which then becomes a design and then a product. Innovative techniques and continuous experimentation with new materials, a process enhanced by hand-finished details, is our trademark. A fusion of past and present, and the personal touch that makes every accessory a unique piece.


Collections with urban and decisive style, fit to rewrite the rules of your world.
For work or leisure, leather bags and accessories for any situation: Monday through Sunday.


The new spirit of “Made in Italy”

Details that stand the test of time

The careful attention to materials and the knowledge of tradition are values written in our DNA, and are alive each day in our work.
We create accessories that stand the test of time, interpreting trends without being bound to them, and offer quality that lasts for years. Cuoieria Fiorentina isn’t a revival but a journey in constant evolution, continually writing the new Italian story.