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Mimì small Pochette multifunction £78.29
Accordian style calf leather wallet £91.34
Mimì clutch wallet in printed calfskin £95.69
Mini accordion wallet in rose embossed printed leather £62.64
Book wallet with coin purse in calf leather £82.64
Mimì Hand bag with metal details £234.01
Large Mimì tote bag £291.43
Large Mimì clutch bag with fixed shoulder strap in leather and metal £139.19
Small shoulder bag in rose embossed printed leather £172.25
Medium Mimì women's belt in rose embossed printed leather with banded buckle £40.02
Classic Mimì beauty case with two compartments £120.05
Large double zip around Mimì wallet £112.22
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Mimì Collection

Thirteen stages of production and an exclusive world design.
A true icon of style and elegance.