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Casual mimì shoulder bag with extendable shoulder strap £184.19
printed leather rose mimì messenger bag £187.78
Mimì backpack with frontal pocket £195.87
Medium mimì shopping bag rectangular design £195.87
Mini Shoulder bag in printed calf leather £123.99
Small Tote bag in printed calfskin leather £244.38
mimì crossbody bag with lateral crossbow motif £106.92
Mimì clutch bag with double shoulder in leather and metal £142.86
Mimì small tote bag with metal elegant details £251.57
Calfskin printed Bag £268.64
Calfskin Printed Bag £208.45
Elegant mimì medium tote bag with metal details £278.53
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Mimì Collection

Thirteen stages of production and an exclusive world design.
A true icon of style and elegance.