Alice bucket bag with different colour interior £88.25
Soft hammered leather bucket bag
Soft hammered leather bucket bag £160.93 £84.79
Warm and Colour leather bucket bag £203.33
Alice bucket bag with removable clutch bag £111.61
Leather bag with stitched stitching by hand £266.49
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Bucket Bags

The role of a leather bucket bag is to supply ample space. There are many things women like to take with them when they go out and a bucket bag provides a way to do that. With a large, deep form, and strong, comfortable handles, they are easy to carry around. It's not all about function, however; with an Italian leather bucket bag any woman can carry all their essentials and still look great while doing so. A Tuscan leather bucket bag is a beautiful combination of form and function that will meet any fashion standard.

Leather Bucket Bag for ladies