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Velvet portacarte zip around £43.40
Velvet PortafoglioPochette £83.18
Portafoglio piccolo velvet £81.37
Velvet card holder with zip £29.84
Velvet Credit card holder with coin purse £67.81
Bella Credit card holder with coin purse
Bella Credit card holder with coin purse £61.48 £43.04
Warm and colour Credit card holder with space for banknotes £29.84
Bella credit car holder with space for banknotes £22.60
Credit card holder in printed calfskin £26.22
Large bi-fold Bella wallet
Large bi-fold Bella wallet £79.56 £39.78
Medium Bella bi-fold wallet
Medium Bella bi-fold wallet £65.10 £32.55
Velvet bifold medium wallet
Velvet bifold medium wallet £65.10
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Women's Wallets

Wallets and Pouches for Women

Forever synonymous with class and elegance, women's leather wallets are accessories that are difficult to renounce. In addition to their obvious practicality, Cuoieria Fiorentina's leather wallets stand out for the quality of their materials and for their refined finishing. A vast selection including pouches, coin purses, key rings and card holders, all handcrafted in Italy with high quality leather, and spacious enough to contain all the objects and accessories that every woman wants to have with her at any moment.

For each woman her wallet

Let yourself be inspired by the many models in our new collections. From small and elegant coin purses in the Mimì collection for women who are always abreast of the latest trends to versatile and spacious Wallets with tons of pockets for documents and cash designed for women who love to save keepsakes from their most precious moments. Rectangular or square, from the deepest shades to the lightest, the various models of women’s leather wallets are able to satisfy the most varying tastes.

Let yourself be won over by the timeless style of Cuoieria Fiorentina: the elegant simplicity of its details and the creativity of the colours and shapes of its leather wallets for women.

Italian Wallets for Women

Premium high-quality materials are processed in Tuscany using traditional artisan methods. Design and tradition combine with the irresistible charm of leather wallets by Cuoieria Fiorentina. The impeccable Made in Italy production makes this accessory unique and exceptional. These premium leathers are certified, and their careful processing ensures perfection in even the smallest details.

Complete your look by choosing among the many genuine leather Cuoieria Fiorentina designer proposals such as refined Women's Bags, practical leather backpacks, or comfortable and spacious travel bags.