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Cuddly crossbody Mimì USD181.77
Round Mimì big bag USD234.97
Twill scarf 100% pure silk printed Mimi' 90x90cm USD60.30
Mimì round bag backpack USD239.41
Round small bag / pouch in hammered calfskin USD133.01
Mimì bucket bag with removable clutch bag USD202.16
Mimì clutch wallet in printed calfskin USD97.54
Mini accordion wallet in rose embossed printed leather USD63.84
Book wallet with coin purse in calf leather USD84.23
Mimì Hand bag with metal details USD238.52
Large Mimì tote bag USD274.88
Large Mimì clutch bag with fixed shoulder strap in leather and metal USD140.09
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Mimì Collection

Thirteen stages of production and an exclusive world design.
A true icon of style and elegance.