Is it safe to enter my credit card data on this website? what’s the ssl3 protocol?

Buying on the website of Cuoieria Fiorentina is easy, fast, convenient and secure. For the protection of the pages that require the insertion of personal data, purchase and payment, we chose SSL3, a protocol for secure and advanced protection for data that "travel" through the network.

How can i be sure that the security protocol ssl3 is active when entering my data?

The "security" of an area on the Internet is signalled by an icon with a closed padlock on the bottom right of your browser (Internet Explorer) or bottom left (Netscape). This happens when all "frames" (all the components of the page) are "safe". Since an SSL3 connection slows the download time of web pages, sometimes you prefer, for a solution that combines safety and speed of navigation, to protect only the "frame" dedicated to the entering of customer data and not those containing the menu bar (left).

Therefore, when browsing our site, it is possible that the icon representing the lock does not appear, even if the frame dedicated to the inclusion of personal data is protected by SSL3. You can always check whether an area is "safe" thanks to this simple action: place the mouse pointer on the area of interest, click with the right button and select the Properties option (Internet Explorer) or View Frame Info (Netscape) and check that the URL of the page is preceded by "https://" instead of "http://".

How do i set the browser to activate the ssl3 protocols of safety?

For proper functioning of the safety protocol, the browser must be enabled (Internet Explorer or Netscape) to receive cookies and the protocols in SSL2/SSL3 Security Option must be enabled. If you are using Internet Explorer, select "Internet Options" from the "View" menu, choose the "Advanced" folder and activate the SSL2 and SSL3 in the "Security" section. If you're using Netscape, select the following items in order: Communicator, Tools, Security Info, then on the page that appears, select "Navigator" (left) and activate the SSL2 and SSL3 (right). Moreover, when properly configured, the browser alerts the user about a secure page being accessed thanks to a "pop-up" (a grey window that overlaps the screen).

128-BIT SSL3 protocol

The communication between the browser and the server of the bank is guaranteed by a certified encrypted 128-bit SSL3 protocol (currently the highest security standard with Verysign digital certification).

Encrypted parameters

This way, since the parameters passed via the customer's browser is encrypted with high security algorithms, the consumer will be guaranteed absolute confidentiality of the data issued.

Assistance and warranty

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